Friday, September 10, 2010

A Look Back at the Wingfield Collection

One of the greatest inserts sets of the last five years came in the form of a box topper containing a black and white 5" x 7" photograph reproduction from the original negatives of legendary baseball photographer Don Wingfield. Featuring some never before scene images of players from the Golden Age of baseball these cards are beautiful. Pictured here, are two of the Yankees immortal heroes sharing a laugh.

Donald Wingfield worked for The Sporting News, the Washington Senators, and The Topps Company, Inc during the glory days of the game. He also freelanced for dozens of outlets including Life, Look and other major national magazines. Collectors may not recognize his name but he is responsible for many of the images used in the card sets of the mid 50's and early 60's.

When Upper Deck secured licensing rights to reproduce The Wingfield Collection, it was quite the feat for the folks in Carlsbad who quickly capitalized on their acquisition with the over-sized postcards. Totalling over 6,750 original negatives, many never previously published, Upper Deck provided collectors with a rare glimpse into these treasure archives. Originally used by the company in 2004 their popularity quickly sparked the idea to use them as a value added item at the height of that marketing mechanism. the following year, most notably in Sweet Spot and Sweet Spot Classic.

Several examples can be seen here and Baseball Almanac has an entry from the person who originally appraised the collection.


Anonymous said...

Don is my grandfather-in-law!! It is so neat to see all of the pages dedicated to him after seeing his collection in his house. Too bad I never got to the meet the man, but I know the daughter (since she is my mother-in-law)!

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