Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Public Service Announcement From The VOTC

TO BUNDLE A LOT OF TRADING CARDS!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, today I received a package, that at first glance, appeared to be put together in a manner that would keep the 94 count lot of 2010 Obak base cards I purchased in good condition. After opening the priority mail envelope, I pulled out the cards that were wrapped corrugated cardboard in a make shift "box". After cutting the tape, I found an unsealed graded card bag and two stacks of cards with a rubber band around them. What the hell is that?!?!?!

Grant it, they were loosely wrapped, which only meant I fumbled to keep the cards from spilling out of the unsealed bag. The rubber band still managed to ding the top and bottom card's edges. Does this guy keep them stored in a shoebox and ride a bike with cards in the spokes too?!?!?

Here's a breakdown of common eBay packaging. Dos and Dont's

Single Card- Penny sleeve, (UNTAPED) top-loader, team bag, bubble envelope.

Up to roughly 20 cards (depending on card thickness)- Stack of cards secured on back and front with a decoy card, team bag, scotch taped at sides to restrict movement within the bag, bubble envelope.

20-100 cards- Plastic hinged cases with enough room to put a packing peanut, or decoy card on top of the stack, a single piece of Scotch tape to prevent the hinged box from opening, and a larger bubble envelope. OR multiples of above laid side by side in the bubble envelope or wrapped and taped within a piece of paper.

100+ cards- You HAVE to use the appropriate sized storage box. Not a make shift box, a box from Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, or Amazon that you have jury-rigged to act as a cheap substitute.

Things to NEVER do.

- Use an in appropriate sized top loader for a single card.
- Jam to many cards in a hinged box with no decoy.
- Excessively tape a hinged box.
- Use too small of a snap-tight for a game used card.
- Taping a toploader. (I have opened cards that the top edge of the card wiggled under the tape in transport)
- Jamming multiple cards in a toploader.

Now, I am not trying to be the shipping police or tell you how to ship your cards, that's your business. However, suffice it to say that employing these simple guidelines would make the collecting universe a happier, better place.

Thank you.

What are somethings you employ that are cost-effective and make sense?

This has been a public service announcement, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.


GCA said...

I would add this:

Don't use scotch tape, especially the kind that fragments at the slightest touch when trying to remove it. Use masking/painter's tape to close top loaders and plastic hinged boxes. And fold one end over on itself to provide a tab for easy removal.

I would reclaim hours of my life if I could get back the time spent peeling off (and sometimes cussing at) scotch tape from shipments I receive.

There is no reason to tape team bags shut unless you're using a recycled one and the adhesive strip isn't sticky any more.

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