Saturday, September 18, 2010

Status Report: The Vintage Consignment

Hours of sorting, dozens of transactions and several months later from originally starting this project, I thought it was time for an update. If one were to make a legitimate part-time or full time job of this project it would have needed to be concluded months ago. Fortunately for me, my consignors are business colleagues aware of the demands on my time from a career and family aspect so they have been content receiving the periodic check or PayPal payment.

When it comes to selling vintage, condition is everything. So naturally the more accurate and detailed the item's description, the higher the sale price. Of course your description is only as good as the pictures that accompany it and as is the case with any selling endeavor, these things take additional time. Time being money, you have to find a balance.

Awhile back I posted a picture and link of the listing software I was using (PageMage) but ultimately abandoned this as it significantly increased the time to list an individual item. Unlike pack pulled cards, you have to carefully exam every vintage card, often under magnification and at different light angles to formulate an accurate description.

So that said, here is a picture of what I have remaining to list.

So what started as (2) 5,000 count boxes has had the proverbial dent put into it, but isn't even 25% complete. Which on the one hand means more money, yeah, but on the other hand means more time, boo. So what has this all equated to in terms of money you ask?

The project to date total in net revenue (less fees and shipping) is: $1,120.39. Of which my take has been $408.11.

If anyone is looking for vintage football, I currently have a nice RC and Star lot from 1973 Topps on eBay which you can find here.


Captain Canuck said...

shoot me a message when you get around to that hockey i see peeking at me.

gritz76 said...

Let me know the asking price for the '71 Topps commons or other vintage commons you don't want to list individually.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Will do guys! Thanks

Sal said...

Mmmmmm....70s hockey.

Looking to finish 73-74, 74-75 and 75-76 Topps hockey sets.

dogfacedgremlin said...

I was going to say the same thing about the I will.

Also, the Bradshaw you have listed says so in the heading but says Ken Anderson in the description. Didn't want that to detract from any bidders

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