Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Beckett Blog Struggles With Writer's Block

How else do you explain this less than original thought.

I find it quite the compliment that less than 48hrs after announcing our guest for this week's episode of Card Corner Club Radio that the #1 Authority on Sports Collectibles, Beckett (Sucks), themselves, suddenly found it news worthy to post a piece about the very company (That's My Ticket) that we are interviewing on air tonight.

It really validates the credibility we (Card Corner Club) have achieved over the last 10 years that the mainstream hobby media feel the need to outright steal content in order to get the "scoop" on us little guys. It's a shame that the so called experts and hobby insiders, WHO GET PAID, to deliver noteworthy content to collectors, need to look outside their own understanding of the hobby for inspiration.

It's hardly surprising really. When you do it for a job, it really becomes, well just that, another job and I imagine with that, part of the passion for the hobby dies as a result. I guess it's really no wonder than that the minute a credible idea is promoted outside their sphere of influence, they feel the need to leech onto it.

Thanks guys, at least I know you're listening and paying attention. We'll be sure to keep you abreast of future guests in case on any particular day you are feeling too uninspired in the routine of your day to day lives in Dallas to think for yourselves. Writers block is a bitch, glad we can help.


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