Tuesday, October 5, 2010

eFee (eBay) Sticks It To Sellers . . . . Again

It's fair enough to say that without sellers, eBay ceases to exist. The argument could be made for buyers as well I suppose. However, the key difference is that a consumer is going to buy what they want to buy, where they want to buy it, and at the price they want to pay. So the idea is simple, "List It and They Will Come". Which means in order to have listings, you need sellers and it seems at every turn, or at the very least, 1x per fiscal quarter, eBay has apparently changed the seller rules . . . again. This time without even the common courtesy of being notified beforehand.

Today I received my September 30th invoice. Five days late but that's another story. I immediately noticed something drastically different. In the past, eBay has provided a 21-day grace period from the date of invoice to the time the prior month's invoice will be debited from your account. Today's invoice said my bank account will be debited for the due amount "sometime within the next 5-7 days". First of all, when did this change take place? Well looking back at my eBay invoices, it appears the practice took effect with the July 31st invoice. Having bought and sold on eBay for so long, I don't know what made me actually open and read this invoice. So while apparently this isn't current news, I certainly don't remember reading about it in the monthly eBay Feedback & Updates Newsletter, which I do read, or seeing it as a direct message or anywhere else they communicate user announcements, LIKE WHEN I LOG IN.

They built the sandbox I know. I get to play in it as long as I play by the rules, which is fine. However, not being taken for granted and shown the common courtesy of being communicated to of pending changes, and certainly those involving issues of banking and cash flow, would seem to be the least they could do.

Fortunately for me, I'm a small player whose livelihood isn't dependent on my eBay sales. I feel sorry for the guy who does and somehow, like myself, missed the memo.


James said...

They keep sticking it to us.

Jason Presley said...

So where's the mass exodus to the other auction sites?

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Jason. It's a Catch .22, no one yet has the user base like eBay does.

Anonymous said...

I wish another site would come to play. I'm just so tired of ebay.

paw75 said...

I noticed the same on this months invoice. Yes it really does suck. If they are going to do it this way, I just wish they would have taken the fee before the payment went to paypal. I have been thinking of just using my blog to advertise the cards I am willing to part with and main do business with collectors who have a good reputation in the community.

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