Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opportunities Missed

Exploring affiliate advertising opportunities through entities like Commission Junction, Link Share and Amazon, I found a glaring lack of involvement from high profile hobby entities. Whether that was online retailers like Blowout Cards and DA Cardworld, or manufacturers retail channels like The Upper Deck Store and Shop Topps, it would seem that obvious that affiliate advertising programs would be a natural fit for these companies.

Paid advertising models are something that companies like these tend to shy away from for the understandable reason that they have other means of promotion and advertising available to them that are less expansive than traditional banner advertising. The cost savings comes with the sacrifice of measurability which is why setting up affiliate programs would seem to be a cost-effective alternative. With hundreds of blogs and YouTube channels, dozens of forums and countless other online Hobby information dissemination resources, I hope to eventually see The Industry's major players share a small slice of the pie with the publishers of the content that generates so much PR for their products.

In addition, many people find these sites through search engines and providing these sites affiliate programs would possibly generate sales and click thru's from non-traditional users, outside the collecting mainstream.

This is an idea I have thought about on and off and am not sure I have articulated it well. Most likely because it is an idea that I have not fully wrapped around in my own mind so sorry for me thinking out loud. Do any of you know what I'm saying?


Ryan Cracknell said...

I was seeking out a site that offered affiliate advertising for cards. For a hobby blog or site, it'd actually be helpful to be able to offer links to the products being covered.

There was a site a long time ago (I think it was Fat Stacks) that had an affiliate program but they're long gone. I recall checking another one out a couple years ago but they offered very little in the way of product.

THE House of Cards said...

Upper Deck does appear to have an affiliate program through the Google Affiliate Network. I applied for it to put on my blog but the application is "still pending". Been about a week.

You are correct that it would be a win-win for manufacturers and bloggers/dealers.

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