Monday, October 4, 2010

Players Poised for a Post Season Uptick- Part 1

They say you can't script October but you can certainly predict which players might see some Hobby love with a memorable performance. Fresh teams in the post season is always good for The Hobby and with the Rangers and Reds joining the fray, their is plenty of players on both sides to speculate on. Here are a few to keep an eye on as well as their key rookie cards.

A quick note, due to the fiasco that has come as a result of the "Rookie Card Logo", there are often wide discrepancies in the years from the cards collectors refer to as a player's RC and the year the MLB says is their rookie card. For the purpose of this post I will be referring to the player's first recognized card and making a note, when applicable, of the year the player's RC logo card appears.

Joey Votto- Coming off a Triple Crown caliber season Votto has the rare gift of being able to hit for average and power. A few timely hits, a couple of majestic home runs and a good team showing could push his cards up 20-30% short-term and 10% long-term.

Key RC- 2002 Bowman Chrome #BDP44
Rookie Card Logo Year 2008
Notable Game Used Auto-2008 SP Authentic

Buster Posey- Collectors are already very high on Posey having made his pro debut earlier this season. A catcher many compare to the Twins Joe Mauer he hits for average and shows flashes of power which he is expected to grow into. With his cards already trading at a premium, collectors should expect a 25% to 50% spike in prices if Posey breaks out with a memorable post season run.

Key RC-2008 Bowman Chrome Draft BDPP128 Auto #'d/500
Rookie Card Logo Year 2010
Notable Game Used Auto- 2008 Elite Jersey Auto RC /100


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