Friday, November 12, 2010

Bored To Tears With The Hobby

Man do I miss Upper Deck and Fleer. I think it is fair enough to say at this point that the exclusive licensing "experiment" is an utter fail. Giving Topps the keys to the baseball trading card market with no competition what so ever has set The Hobby back 30 years with an ever increasing amount of mediocrity.

While Upper Deck clearly mailed it in with the last year's worth of product releases in baseball, they were still superior in quality design, checklist depth, and value then anything Topps has produced year to date. As for Fleer, they might have gimmicked themselves out of business, but I really appreciated their willingness to take risks and produce cards out of the norm like Double Header and Hardball.

While I in no way support the shady management of the Upper Deck Company that led to their recent fall from grace, I think the evidence is clear that The Hobby is a better place with them than without.

Donruss may have changed their name but it is clearly obvious they still have trailer loads of foilboard to get rid of. I swear, Anne Powell back in the day must have bought enough of this stuff to cover every square inch of the earth several times over. It seems like just yesterday the blogsphere was abuzz with their pending demise. Look at them now. Who would have thought that in such a short time that UD and Donruss' position in the market would be so drastically flip flopped.


Arno said...


Fuji said...

I love Topps... but I think that baseball needs to let everyone back into the game. Competition is great for the hobby. Plus I want more Sweet Spot autographs of A's and Padres players.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Topps cards are a joke.

monkeyboner said...

I'd been away from The Hobby for 12 years until a few months ago when I bought a box of my first Panini product, Prestige Basketball. I paid the equivalent of US$90 for it and I was quite disappointed. The cards look plain as heck. Design were boring and the hits were pretty sad looking as well.

What happened to UD? They were my favorite back in the 90's and yes I agree their designs were light years ahead of the competition then, especially Topps (puke). The only good looking product Topps ever made was Stadium Club. I also hate the high end products. Way to alienate the rest of the hobby world.

Pablo said...

Yeah, Upper Deck SHOULD be the only company making baseball cards period! Better photography, design, and better insert designed cards. MLB screwed up by giving Topps the only license to make more of their outdated, crappy baseball cards. Competition and creativeness by Upper Deck is what made the hobby better by making Topps and the others get out of the stone age of making baseball cards!

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