Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Greatest Cut Signature Card Ever . . . If It's Real

Details have been revealed regarding the upcoming release of 2010 Sports Icons Cut Signature Edition by Leaf. Talking with Brian Gray at this year's National, he shared with me that he had just acquired one of the only known signatures of the legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson.

At the time I specifically questioned him on the fact that Shoeless Joe never learned to read or write with most examples having been signed by his wife. He said the signature was authenticated by PSA. Most signatures submitted to PSA/DNA are compared to exemplars on file in their library or other known sources.

My question is, if this is truly a one of a kind signature, how would you be able to authenticate it having nothing to compare it to?

I hope it is legit. As a Shoeless Joe collector, I would love nothing more to believe that this card is legit and to have made it the focal point of an entire set is very cool. In addition to the cut signature card, 15 different Joe Jackson insert cards have been created falling at a rate of 1 per box. A special promotion has been created to reward the lucky collector with the cut signature card at the 2011 NSCC. The following is an excerpt from the sell sheet.

"We are pleased to announce our FOUR LEAF CLOVER promotion which will award the greatest prize ever pack inserted into a trading card product: A 2010 LEAF SHOELESS JOE JACKSON CUT SIGNATURE CARD (ESTIMATED VALUE AT $70,000-100,000!)There will be FOUR of these FOUR LEAF CLOVER cards created. Three will be inserted in the packs and the fourth will go to the collector who presents for our review the MOST COMPLETE set of 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update. One of these 4 lucky collectors will walk away from the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention with this rare JOE JACKSON CUT SIGNATURE CARD! The other three lucky collectors will each win a FREE SEALED CASE OF OUR 2011 LEAF SPORTS ICONS CUT SIGNATURE product"

See here for more details on the product shipping December 7th.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Wow!!! That's all I got… WOW!!!

Fuji said...

You make a great point... how can PSA authenticate an autograph when they have nothing to compare it to?

I'd love to hear their response to this question.

As Kyle Broflovski once said... I'm declaring Shenanigans on PSA/DNA!

The card could be 100% legit... but it's disappointing that a company that so many people have faith in is pulling this crap.

Either way... real or not... there's going to be high demand for this card.... because the lucky collector who wins this card will turn a blind eye to the point you raise (At least... that's what I would do if I won)... because if PSA and Razor says it's legit... it must be legit.

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