Friday, December 31, 2010

Fixing the Football Card Market- UPDATED

It should be obvious by now that reducing the number of NFL licensees wasn't the answer. Over saturation in the current football trading card market has caused ever decreasing value for cards on the secondary market.

While the argument can be made that the total number of products should be further reduced, I don't believe that is a long-term or viable fix. I'd much rather see the same number of products divided amongst 3 licensees. Bringing back Upper Deck in the football fold would; 1) increase competition, 2) return innovation and design to the forefront of the niche and 3) give collectors more choices.

However, this in and of itself isn't the solution. What is the solution, would be to change the rules that designate a player's rookie status and consequently his eligibility for a rookie card. The simple answer for me would be to designate a rookie as any player who makes the 53 man roster out of training camp. In addition, each licensee would be allowed up to 3 exemptions for isolated incidents like that which occurred with Brock Lesnar a few years ago with the Minnesota Vikings.

I imagine I am not alone as a collector who experiences the utter let down of a box break when confronted with the cold hard reality of one of my hits being someone who isn't even on the practice squad but was eligible for a card because they were drafted. That practice is total garbage and MUST stop. I understand the business argument behind it with the product configuration process being dependant on inserting 'x' number of scrubs to 'x' number of high profile RC's.

Would you be willing to spend a little more money for higher odds of pulling a legit RC and giving up one bogus hit? I know I would be, gladly too.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

As a collector who really doesn't care about monetary value, I like that the secondary market is filled with plenty of inexpensive cards. However, I do agree that the hobby would be much better off with the licenses being divided amongst 3 companies. Better products, competition and motivation to spur-on quality and design.

Happy New Year!!!

John Bateman said...

2 Companies are OK. we don't need 3 Companies. As for the rookies most draft picks make the roster. There are very few players on cards that did not make the roster. Look at Blair white he was an undrafted free agent and he got cards. waiting for the 53 man requirement would push sets back into Oct. so that we can differentiate between a Blair white and Carlton Mitchell

Corky said...

I agree with bringing Upper Deck back in to the football market. They seem to have a firm grasp of football and their designs showed it. I also think that designers should be limited to the number of sets released too.

I am torn on the RC designation. I like the idea of not adding a player until they make the final roster but in the end it would delay their first card.

Fuji said...

I don't bust new boxes very often, because I grew tired of pulling sticker autos of people I never heard of. And although I agree with you in that there should be 3 licensees... I think they should limit the amount of football products they can produce to 3 or 4 a year.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

When does training camp end? They could have those cards ready to ship by the first game if planned accordingly. Here is the complete checklist for Prestige the annual first football product.

Is it really important to have all those RCs that never see a game? The Hobby was built on series releases with the later (high numbers) being the first short prints, hence the increased value, book or otherwise.

I understand a dealer's concern about not having a football product until late summer or early fall to sell.

Why not then limit the initial RC status to draft picks taken in the first 2 rounds? Then another round of RCs of those who make the 53 man that weren't drafted in the first 2 rounds.

It just seems to me that the first several months of football releases are filled with crap players. The above solution would seem to make all concerned parties happy.

Chris K said...

Another idea might be to reserve the early season releases (Prestige, Score and maybe base Topps) to include all the rookies. Then as the season progresses limit the rookie cards to players that actually made the team.

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