Thursday, December 23, 2010

Now THIS Is a Card Worth Pulling and Hope for The Hobby

In all honesty, with little competition and diversity in the baseball collectibles market, I personally, have had very little to get excited about. In fact, after the initial chase for the Bowman Strasburg cards, I can tell you that I purchased exactly 1 rack pack of Topps Chrome and that was for the sole purpose of getting a better look at the utterly horrible print job Topps' new printing company did with those. In fact I'm pretty sure if you left them out long enough, they would curl up into a full cylinder.
My main point is that I spent squat on baseball card packs this year because I get a much better bang for my back just buying the singles I want on the secondary market. If I want to gamble on "hits", I'd have better odds with Lottery scratch offs and be able to buy exactly the cards I want.

The prices on eBay for base singles, numbered parallels, inserts, autos and game used relics is in the toilet. The plethora of material has driven values to the lowest I have ever seen them. However, with the recent announcement by Topps that they have signed both Sandy Koufax and Hank Aaron to autograph deals, there is reason for optimism for 2011.

Neither of these Hall of Fame players, particularly, Koufax, signs cards with much regularity. In addition, it appears that the cards are hard signed, on-card. Imagine pulling this beauty from a pack of 2011 Heritage.
I vehemently believe that a return to sets focused entirely on retired players, with no more that 3 produced per year, would bring a much need vigor and renewed vitality to what has become a stale market place.


James said...

Completely agree on a set of retired players. This is a great card.

dayf said...

MLB and the Player's Union doesn't like the legends sets because they cut into their licensing money so we can't have them.

It's not about the collector anymore, it's about profits.

Jay said...

Im a little concerned about the Q.A with Heritage this year. If Topps is having troubles with durable brands like Topps Chrome I would hate to see how a fragile card like Heritage turns out.

Karen Sibert said...

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