Monday, January 24, 2011

Caleb Hanie Came This Close To Being an Overnight Collecting Sensation

After the questionable departure of Chicago Bears' starting quarterback Jay Cutler due "injury", the brain trust on the sidelines though that inept and geriatric Todd Collins was the answer to their dilemma. Quickly realizing the their lapse of judgement, the trotted out Colorado State stand out and 2008 rookie, Caleb Hanie.

Hanie proceeded to put together 2 touchdown drives and pull the Bears with in 7 points. With enough time to develop a sustained, clock consuming drive, Hanie eventually succumbed to the pressure throwing a game ending pick.

To his credit, instead of looking like a fish out of water, he looked every bit as capable if not more so than the players ahead of him on the position depth chart.

His cardboard had some instant interest as can be seen
here in completed auctions yesterday.

His 2008 Playoff Contenders autographed rookie and his 2008 SP Authentic RC #/1399 are both worth picking up, BUT, wait for the short lived hype to die down.

Oh what could have been.


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