Sunday, January 2, 2011

Has the Bowman Brand Jumped the Shark?

Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects
Bowman Chrome
Bowman Platinum
Bowman Sterling

Really? Remember when Bowman was "Home of the Rookie Card"? Now what is it? The home of the prospect and gimmicks? The home of "We Can't Come Up With an Original Brand and Name"?

I have long despised Topps thumbing their nose at the 'rookie card rule'. While I don't necessiarily like having a designated RC logo on the cards themselves, I understand the spirit for which the rule was created. Quite simply being to alleviate confusion in the marketplace and allow for novice collectors and casual fans to easily identify which card is a player's "TRUE" rookie card. Bowman DPP doesn't as a brand doesn't aid that goal and only makes it more confusing.

Platinum and Sterling, while cute with the whole family of metallic compound thing, are really unneccesary products. Bowman has become so redundant as a brand it borders on the ridiculous. It's bad enough that, with the exception of Platinum and Sterling, you can hardly tell one year from another. The worth of the whole brand has been reduced to a refractor chase rendering even the base RC cards within the Bowman family line of products virtually worthless.As for BDPP again, if I wanted players in their minor league uniforms, I'd buy those products.

And whatever happened to Bowman's Best? With an auto per pack and only $10, that was a way better product configuration than Sterling.

What do you think should be done with the Bowman brand of products?


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