Monday, January 24, 2011

My Two Cents: Topps Needs to Make This Right

As was brought to the attention of collector's last night by Chris Harris at Stalegum, Topps has made a serious mistake. I'm pretty sure that back in Honus Wagner's playing days they were still using flannel jerseys and not the Coolflo type used by MLB today.

Regardless of the reasoning, as explained quite logically by Steven Judd at Sports Card File, Topps needs to admit the mistake and rectify the situation. Plain and simple. When you have gone to great lengths to capitalize on being the defacto baseball card company in the market, you have a certain responsibility to consumers and collectors. You need to operate with integrity and not ignorance, ethics and not arrogance.

In my mind, these are the steps Topps needs to take in addressing the issue, but I would be willing to bet none of them will happen.

1) Conduct an internal audit and investigation to determine how this specifically happened.

2) Take measure, as appropriate, to insure it NEVER happens again.

3) Issue a Press Release admitting to the mistake, explaining how it happened and what changes have been made to insure another incident like this isn't repeated.

4) Offer the current owner of the card 2x the purchase price to have the card removed from the marketplace.

5) Provide the current owner a replacement.

As dayf from Carboard Junkie has pointed out, yes, it could be worse, as we all remember this fiasco from last year, but this is pretty bad too.


beardy said...

Chris Harris got the story from us (The Mojo Beard), and we got it from the Blowout Forums. Please give credit where credit is due (if you don't mind).


beardy said...

Here is the link to our post, in case you missed it last night.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Sorry Beardy. Only saw it come through Chris' twitter last night. Thanks for clarifying

Sports Card Report said...

Seems kinda silly to have to give "credit" to someone every time a post like this goes up. That's not how the media biz works nowadays - maybe 20 years ago - or if you are writing a book or a research paper. C'mon now.

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