Sunday, January 9, 2011

Topps Prime -arily Crap

I don’t get it, plain and simple. My parents always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Unfortunately, when it comes to product reviews and editorial, we don’t have that luxury and instead have a responsibility, to you, the collector, to provide unbiased opinion and commentary on the products we receive.

So instead, I’ll try to keep this brief. In a nutshell, 2010 Topps Prime Football is an uninspired hodgepodge of other brands that has been forcibly morphed into a gruesome and sinister hybrid. In addition to the unnecessary monstrosity that is Prime Football, it is packaged in the most un-eco-friendly McDonald’s apple pie type boxes, per pack. All this serves to reinforce the fact that Topps Prime Football is nothing more than a bunch of fluff with no redeeming substance.

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Fuji said...

It's just another case of a company trying to put out as many products as they can to make some money... I don't hate the product, but I can't stand the fact that there's so many products on the market.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I think only Unrivaled might be worse

Feather Chucker said...

I like them. They remind me of the old Fleer Ultra. I like how the name and logo are stamped in and don't take away from the photo on the card. Too many card now have crazy colored borders.

Jay said...

Name a product that has better photography ( retail)?

Pablo said...

Yeah, WORST Topps football card product ever. I bought a pack thinking I would actually get a autographed card or memorabilia card. I didn't get either, however, I did get a low numbered rookie card though. The photography is good and the card stock is thick but, definately NOT worth the price for a pack of these. Should have bought a pack of regular Topps instead. Also, Topps Prime could easily be mistaken for Topps Stadium Club. Somebody fire the card designers at Topps, and hire me instead! I can save the company money and further enbarassment!

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