Monday, January 24, 2011

Why You Need To Feed Your Blog to Twitter

As many of you know, Twitter has revolutionized the way information is disseminated. It's ability to deliver relevant, valued content direct to desktop or mobile in real-time is unprecedented and changing the way consumers absorb information. No longer is the end user required to seek information by going to a particular source. To maintain being relevant that source needs to come to the end user and today, that is done via Twitter.

Personally, I used to have the time to go through my Google Reader/Blog Roll everyday but those days are long gone. From a time management standpoint I find the blogs I still read are the ones I am aware of that have posted something new. How do I become aware something new has been posted? You guessed it, my Twitter time line, which I check numerous times per day.
The more pertinent question is as a blogger, why wouldn't you? You increase your audience, reach and site statistics. You can engage and aggregate an audience you might not have reached other wise and most importantly, you stay relevant.

I honestly don't mean this to be a slap in the face or condescending to any of my fellow bloggers not utilizing this but instead to implore and encourage you to do so.
It's extremely easy. I use Twitterfeed it takes literally seconds to set up, is totally turnkey and you never bother with it again.

As a blogger, what you have to say matters. It matters to me and it matters to your other readers. You've chosen to use your voice for a reason. Why institute a self-imposed gag order on yourself by not broadcasting your message in real time, to a wider audience?


beardy said...

What if you think Twitter is stupid?

GCA said...

...or that Twitter IS blogging for short attention spans?

Charles @ Hoopography said...

I agree with the comments above. I have a Twitter account and don't use it. It's like posting a status on Facebook (which my blog is feed too). However, I understand some of your points in your post and I'm going to use the link you provided to get my Twitter account more active. Even though I still think Twitter is just like Facebook, only you cant do as much with Twitter. It's another avenue to network with collectors and that's what matters to me.

Thanks for the post!!!

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Beardy- well, if your blog pushed content to Twitter the post about the Honus card would have been attributed to you instead of Chris who was the first to provide that information.

You can think Twitter is stupid all you want but you can't deny the fact that collectors use it.

After you set up a Twitter account and the Twitterfeed, you never have to do anything with Twitter ever again.

beardy said...

So because you, personally get your information from Twitter, the rest of us are supposed to immediately conform to the new standard which you have set? If you'd have bothered to leave the Twitter, and actually went to Stale Gum, you would have seen the story properly sourced.

You can't deny that there are plenty of collectors who don't like or use Twitter. You've already received comments from 3 of them.

I do understand it's practical application, and freely admit that there are some positives to using it, but personally, I don't care for it, and don't plan on utilizing it.

Unknown said...

I will say flat out that if a post hits Twitter (which I keep open all day), the odds of me reading it are significantly improved.

If I have to hit a blog, go to a blog roll, and hope to see it there? Your odds are diminished. Like it or not, a larger percentage of readers will be likely to see something via Twitter than they would by manually going to your page.

Also, there's the benefit of if you have something to say that someone likes, they can retweet it to their friends and followers, which can increase your audience.

Community Gum said...

If I didn't have a phone with a Twitter app, I'd never use it. But, since I do, It's a great thing to flip through on my way up the elevator to work. We usually post something about our posts to Twitter, but we do it manually so we can say something unique about the post. I'm not a huge fan of obviously auto-Tweeted post notifications. -Andy

Jay said...

Machete dont twit, and neither does Mojo.

Jay said...


Im not sure if you are aware of all the fishing/ spam going on at this site, but Its so bad I can hardly scroll down the screen. It also caused me to triple post my last comment.

Seriously you might want to check into that..


Charles @ Hoopography said...

So I linked my Blog RSS Feed to my Twitter account today. I've have a Twitter account for a year and never bothered to use it. Basically, I feel Facebook is a better avenue to link feeds to because FB users can comment right there on the FB link. I also like that the FB administrator can allow readers to post card brag pics and other stories. With that being said, there are positives.

My blog posts will be feed right to my Twitter account with no work done by me since it is automatic. The mobile or cell phone tweeting is really cool. I got 5 followers in a matter of an hour. Whether I like, prefer or tolerate Twitter really doesn't matter too much. What matters is that I have another avenue to network/connect with hobby enthusiasts and sports memorabilia collectors. That's what is important to me, and ultimately makes Twitter valuable in my eyes.

Thanks for helping me jump start my Twitter account and blog.

The Dimwit said...

I guess in small a way I see both points. However, as an avid user of Google Reader, I see no point in subscribing to any blogger's twitter feed, when I get what I need via Reader when I am ready to read it. How much more instant notification do I need when a blog is posted? Urgent world-changing news? Maybe. But a review of a wax pack opening or a trade post from one of my favorite blogs? It can wait until I get around to checking Reader. Nothing from a card blog is THAT important to me. Conversely, nothing I blog is nor should be THAT important to anyone else. If they can't take the time to come to my blog and read, via direct hit or via something like an RSS feed or Google Reader then why am I to believe that them getting a tweet (is that the right verbiage?) will make them stop what they are doing and go read my blog? For that matter, I wouldn't want them to have such a reaction to a twitter put out by my blog. Too many distractions in this world as it is...

beardy said...

Is your next post going to be called "Why Bloggers Should Receive The Proper Recognition For Their Work?"

I'm guessing not, since you still haven't updated your post from yesterday to reflect the proper source.

You basically said to me, and I'm paraphrasing here, "You don't get credit cause you aren't on Twitter". To that I say "Eat Me!"

Ryan said...

I have to say that while I agree twitter has it's uses in in certain areas, it is not necessary to, as you said: "stay relevant".

I read many hobby related blogs, and I have never been introduced to one via twitter. I have almost always stumbled upon them via linkage from other blogs who repost (and properly credit) other bloggers.

I have come across this blog in the past, but due to several factors I found it wasn't for me. First off, if you refer to your blog as the Anti-*anything*, you're basically saying you have no personal voice. I want to read blogs that are positive and/or forward thinking, not one that is simply reactionary to another entity.

Secondly, I find the fact that you would attempt to tell anyone how they should market or share their blog to be amusing at best. I have personally never visited a site with as many widgets, gadgets, ads, sidebar links, random video and radio buttons, and just overall clutter as this blog has. The load time top to bottom is insane. What is the point of using twitter to find a new audience, if the audience is bombarded with so much non-content as they are on VOTC?

On the issue at hand... In your comment above you said this: "Beardy- well, if your blog pushed content to Twitter the post about the Honus card would have been attributed to you instead of Chris who was the first to provide that information."

However, the post Chris made clearly attributes it to Beardy, making the fact that you found it via Chris' twitter irrelevant. You either failed to read the entire post, or simply decided not to credit Beardy for the original information, regardless of how you got there in the first place. Then to compound it, failed to go back and edit the post simply adding that it was found via Beardy's site... which is how many readers discover new content providers.

My only assumption is that you may be unable to find the edit button on your post do to the ads, widgets and clutter surrounding it.

The Dimwit said...

Well said Ryan... I had never noticed the graphics on this blog, because I read it solely through Reader, which doesn't pull all the junk through. It's a very non-aesthetically pleasing blog... maybe I will same my comments for my next blog post: "Why You Need To Make Your Blog Visually Appealing"...

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Sorry Beardy I thought in responding to your comment I was acknowledging. I'll change it now and that's honestly not what I meant and I am sorry you took it that way.

Also one of the 3 (original) comments you mentioned actually has now done so and thanked me. I was just trying to make a helpful suggestion no need to get all bent out of shape. Beardy email me anytime.

Ryan- Actually all that "non-content' which you refer is all content. Collectibles podcast, box breaks, image galleries from events, links to resources. There is only one paid text ad on the site.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Ryan- In hindsight thanks for the feedback, although needlessly condescending, I have thought the widgets at the bottom were redundant and the fathead and amazon ads never did anything and should have been removed awhile ago.

As for the title of the blog, it's just that, a title and in all honesty has been extremely effective.

Sooz said...

Everyone likes to read things differently or check out information a certain way. I use Twitter far more than I use Facebook. I don't even like FB, but use it for the practical purposes of it.

I have a blog roll on my site and an RSS reader. I am covered through it all because I know there are so many people who don't want to be as connected as I am ... which I actually hate sometimes.

I got to this post through my RSS Feeder. I never saw it on Twitter.

Joe S. said...

The fact that there is now a somewhat large group of adults arguing over baseball cards and who-said-what about something they themselves discovered through another source altogether is ridiculous.

Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging are the new wave of communication, so instead of mocking you may as well embrace it.

Of course, that said, I think twitter is silly and self-indulgent. I don't understand why any non-celebrity with no real agenda to push would think anyone cares what they're thinking or doing. I totally understand why a celebrity or athlete would use it, since their 'image' is so valuable. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with old friends. No, it may not be as personal as a phone call, but it's better than nothing out.

Swaykos, out.

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