Saturday, February 5, 2011

Restoring Value to the Memorabilia Card

Many factors have contributed to the downfall of the once well sought after and highly valued memorabilia card. To say that memorabilia/relic cards have become passe is certainly an understatement. Instead of being a highly desirable collectible as in years past, they have been relegated to "just another insert" status by many collectors, and for good reason.

Be it the cryptic ambiguity of the wording on the back of the card designating the origin of the material contained within the card itself, the over saturation of the single color swatch, particularly the dreaded white and gray varieties, or the unfortunate utilization of event used and photo shoot worn memorabilia, the reasons are numerous, known, and easily understand.

The bigger question then is simply, how do you fix it?

On last night's episode of Card Corner Club Radio the subject was discussed that there is currently an undervalued element of the game used memorabilia card market and that is game worn material cards issued during a players sophomore season. Reason being, aren't these cards technically their first legitimate game used cards and could then be considered their first memorabilia rookie card?

Think about it. The majority of relic/memorabilia cards issued during a players traditional rookie season are event used or photo shoot worn. Jerseys worn on the field, ice, or court, during their rookie year, then acquired in the off-season, eventually get utilized in future game used cards. So, shouldn't the first of those cards carry a premium compared to the non-game used cards from their rookie year?

As a card manufacturer, the marketing benefit would be a simple and attractive means of promoting a product containing the first official game used cards from the rookie class of year xxxx.

Just thinking out loud.

I like game used cards because I feel they do connect you closer to the player. I'll never be able to afford complete jerseys of my favorite players but thanks to memorabilia cards, I can own a piece.


Unknown said...

I agree with these points, although I'm not a big fan of game-used cards.

I do like the sometimes. I used to own a 2004 Ultimate Wayne Gretzky jersey card. He was pictured with the '96 All-Star team, and the card's back said the swatch came from that jersey. I'd like to see more game-used cards like that one, where you can point to this card and say that you have a swatch from a jersey the player wore in an all-star game, or the World Series, or SuperBowl or whatever. That would cool.

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