Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning Your Collection

It hardly seems like a coincidence that pitchers and catchers have reported at the same time as a majority of the country begins to thaw. The sunshine and warmer temperatures means that spring and, with it, MLB 2011 Opening Day is just around the corner.

And with spring comes . . . you guessed it, spring cleaning. So how does this pertain to your collection?

Well if your man cave, displays or office are anything like mine they are probably in need, first and foremost of a good dusting. I have spoke on this subject before and even included a poll you can see here. The other day I actually saw a cobweb attached to a snap case. Gross.

However, that's not all. Have you taken the time to reflect recently on what it is you really collect? Not just the stuff you like, but the stuff you would be really upset to see ruined or lost.

In this beloved hobby of ours it is VERY easy to end up accumulating more than we collect. A subject I have also previously discussed. Whether it be from group box breaks, contests, card shows, impulse retail purchases you probably have stacks of cards you could care less about and you know aren't worth anything, including your time, to try and move on eBay.

You have several options to de-clutter but some of the most rewarding will be to package them up and deliver them to your local hospital's pediatric unit, Boy Scout troop, or Boy's & Girls Club. It's easy to forget that the things we take for granted as cynical adults in The Hobby can bring great pleasure to a deserving child.

In addition, to underestimate the money you can personally make but blowing them out at a garage sale. Another topic I have posted on previously. Even if you only clear $20 to spend on singles you really want off eBay, you clear space in the process.

Also, is your stack of Beckett's, Tuff Stuff's, and SCD's really doing you any good? Seriously. Other than the last few Rookie Rolodex issues and the current year's issues. What good are they? I purged my magazines long before I grew wise to the shennanigans down in Dallas.

Boxes of aged and yellow toploaders? Pitch em. A storage bin of junk wax? Well you know how I feel about that.

The point is, regardless of what you do, you'll be happy you did it.

What are some of YOUR ideas when it comes to spring cleaning your collection?


Anonymous said...

Great post.

I recently went through and totally revamped my collection, I slimmed down the number of sets I'm collecting by a lot. All of the sets I had bought some of, thought it would be cool to finish and never really did anything with after that all got the boot & were added to my tradelist.

Along with all the sets I gave up on, I added one as well. It gives collecting a whole lot more of a cleaner look. Has a lot more purpose this way. Instead of aimlessley trying to complete a whole list of sets you can focus on the ones you really enjoy and accomplish a lot more.

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