Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Community Public Service: Share Your eBay Blocked Bidders

If you sell on eBay you know that between constantly changing policies, ever increasing fees and problematic buyers, sometimes, unfortunately its just a necessary pain. I know several of you probably sell on eBay as well and have your own blocked bidders list. It sure would be nice to avoid the people on your lists and vice-versa so I thought we could share those lists here in a centralized location.

Below is mine. Just leave yours as a comment so everyone can quickly copy and paste it to their respective blocked bidders page. Thanks.

are-you-normal, asiatradingcorp, atazmatic_32, bighorns81, carddood, cban84, chopperfan55, crystalballer32, dalsubfan, dave03091965, dunesfield, easyink, ilovesports68, imaman, kenkim2000, kw87fan1, marcdvigil, memorabiliaandcards, missgemmint, mobiledeb, montano999, nickequip, oct23may24, ourneeds777, pacers66, parsetdx, plaster32, ponnylowman, pureipod, raulkongen, roy_hobbs17, sg67sg67, tacticaladvantage, teacherdude70, tlangmacher, tntrocks8, torostradingpost, triple-k-sportscards, you_catcat, zcah1221


stusigpi said...

argmaytee - He is a shipping extorter.

THE House of Cards said...

spikescards - No problems as far as prompt payment and such. Main issue is he expects every card to arrive in PSA 10 condition despite my very large scans showing EACH and EVERY flaw in the card AND his borderline ridiculous lowball "Best Offers" (I've only dealt with him buying in bulk so I could afford to wiggle on BIN price). King of the "backhanded" positive feedback w/ snarky negative comments attached.

Also either doesn't know baseball very well or takes the seller for a fool in making his offers. Sent me a comment on a couple of ridiculous lowball offers for both a Yount and Molitor relic card telling me, "You'll never get that kind of price for 2 guys who won't get into Cooperstown". HELLO!! THEY'VE BOTH BEEN IN COOPERSTOWN FOR YEARS!!!

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