Friday, April 22, 2011

VOTE NOW- Snapshot of The Hobby Poll


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely spending more now. Just looking for more vintage stuff then newer sets. You just get tired of seeing the same designs over and over.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely spending more but that's because I wasn't collecting 3 years ago! I foresee myself spending less on recent stuff and more on '90s stuff I missed in the coming years. -Andy

Pablo said...

I am spending less on cards, comics, public and private athlete signings, magazines (including price guides) and CDs. I already have too much of this stuff (can never have enough autographs!). What I am spending more is on books, card and comic supplies (bags, boards, top loaders, boxes,etc.) and gas. It pays to protect your collectibles! And gas...well, you all know what's going on!

My point is this: I am trying to save more money for retirement, vacation, and things that I really want and/or need. It's hard to keep up with all the trends and fads of collectibles after collecting for 23 years. So, when I retire and/or if I ever get married and/or if I move out of California, some stuff is gonna have to be sold. I might have to also quit my hobbies altogether! I'm still young, so anything can happen.

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