Saturday, May 14, 2011

The BIG Move

I just returned from a rather humbling, tiring and nerve racking experience. Next month I am officially moving to Ohio in a unique situation where my wife and I are purchasing her mother's home. Her move was scheduled this week and I went back to help her. Additionally, I don't want the moving company to be responsible for my collection, so I rented a larger vehicle than ours and packed up box, after box, after box, after box. The realtor strongly recommended I disassemble my mancave prior to starting the home showings, so that's what I did last week.
The experience was humbling because, as is the nature with collecting and collectors in general, we always want more and sometimes don't take time to appreciate what we already have. Let me tell you, removing items from display one-by-one, dusting them, wrapping them and packing them will give you a new perspective on your collection. The last 2 weeks have been draining as you can imagine and then to transport the volume of material I did out of state, into a home I won't occupy for another month and just leaving it there is where the nerve racking part comes in.
This is the second move we will be making in 10 years and I distinctly remember a valuable lesson I learned in my last move and that was, the difference between collecting and accumulating. In doing so I threw away several 5,000 count boxes of junk wax, once again doing the collecting universe a favor. This time around, I am proud to say that for the most part, everything that was moved, was part of my collection and not junk. Although the point could be argued that base cards from any product today are just as worthless as cards from the infamous junk wax era, but I digress as that is a story for another post. (Below is just one corner of the mancave and the closet is going to have to wait for the final move.)


Fuji said...

I totally understand what you're going through. I did the same thing around 10 years ago when I moved in with a buddy. I took a bunch of stuff and sold it at the flea market... I think around 15 5,000ct. boxes and 80% of the other sports memorabilia I collected in the 90's.

These days... I don't buy for investment purposes anymore, so I only pick up stuff I really want (or things I plan on giving to friends)... which actually limits my purchases.

It's that time of the year (spring cleaning), so I'll probably dust off my shelves in my office... My guess is that it'll take at least 3 or 4 hours. But I'll use you as my inspiration.

Have fun setting up your new mancave! It stinks doing the dusting... but I find setting up my shelves always enjoyable... and somewhat relaxing.

Pablo said...

Cleaning, dusting, and packing is always the hardest part. The fun part is unpacking all your collectibles and putting them back on the shelves.

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