Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back at 2011 and an Amusing and Sarcastic Look Ahead to 2012

Well collectors, another year has come and gone in The Hobby we all know and love, and per usual, not without its share of drama, intrigue, shenanigans, and surprises. Before looking ahead to 2012 let's run down a few of the events that garnered the attention of collectors in 2011.

Leaf Trading Cards acquires exclusive rights to Ichiro Suzuki
FBI indicts 6 dealers, including those contracted with MLB and NFL for fraud. They were accused of doctoring doctoring jerseys and selling them as game used. At least one trading card company was a victim, to date we don't know which one.

Sandy Koufax's inclusion in 2012 Topps products is a HUGE hit. Secondary market values respond accordingly and have not dropped despite numerous offerings.

Santa Claus attends his first National Sports Collector's Convention.

Check Out My Cards makes impressive gains in market share challenging eBay as the number one spot for collectors to sell cards.

Panini declares 2011 the year of the brick and mortar shop and puts their money where their mouth is with numerous in store promotions including NFL Player of the Day, NHL Player of the Day, Pepsi Rookie of the Week, and their tremendously successful Black Friday promotion.

Micro-manufactures continue to grow in their niche markets including ITG, Benchwarmer, Cryptozoic, Leaf, and Tristar.

All three companies finally have a grasp on social media and engage their customer base on multiple platforms on a daily basis. They even use the platform of Twitter to publicly take potshots at each other to the annoyance of may collectors.
Blowout cards and Upper Deck face off in legal action with Blowout claiming the recent changes to online distribution policies by UD amount to Anti-Trust Act violations.

Upper Deck sues itself. Upper Deck sues Upper deck International.

Topps sues Leaf for copyright violation.
Panini lands for UD talent in VP of Operations and Product Development creating UD South.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the recession, auction houses memory Lane Inc and Heritage have record years.

So what can we accept in 2012? Well it's really anybody's guess but here are somethings we might see, could see, or probably never see. Enjoy and please feel free to add your own in the comments. Happy New Year everyone!

With authenticity of game used items becoming a major issue,the result is that all game used cards developed here forward will be player acquired. Down side it's their underwear.

In an attempt to add innovation to hockey products, game used ice will be inserted into cards. Design flaw results in catastrophy

To once and for all clarify and finally eliminate any confusion caused by the "RC Logo Rule" in baseball, at birth, every child will have a rookie card created and it will officially serve as a prospect card for any future athletes. The cards will be called Baby Bowman and will replace 1st Bowman cards.

We see the inclusion of lesser used items- stadium plexiglass in hockey, endzone uprights, netting and pylons in football, broken backboard glass and netting in basketball. I honestly believe with the ambiguous language on card backs related to player cards could be partially alleviated by utilizing these types of inserts.

Pete Rose replaces Bob Feller as having the most over-saturated autograph market.

Upper Deck continues to attempt to maintain its viability by creating a line of memorabilia geared towards _______________ (please fill in the blank)


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