Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Sports Collectibles TV Show to Debut on Discovery

Sports fans and collectors will have a new TV show to watch starting this month on the Discovery Channel. As detailed by SCD in this post, the show will air January 24th, at 8pm EST. Below are two of the trailers.


Pablo said...

Looks like it will be a good show. Now, if they can just make a show that would get new and old collectors to buy and collect sports cards and memorabilia again. Hey, if comic book movies can get people to buy comics again, then a show about sports cards and memorabilia can help the slowly dying hobby and its dealers and manufacturers.

Fuji said...

Sports collectibles on TV? I'm in.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

This show is a joke. I started watching and saw several shows and the final, which was fixed. Race to the truck to get your meat? Why, so you can put Dave at a disadvantage? The whole thing comes down to tofu? Are you kidding me?? Watch Your Latest TV Shows with Ease- No Limits- Free Everywhere.

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