Monday, April 2, 2012

Four Episodes and No Cards

I'm sure that I am not the only collector disappointed in the fact that the much heralded new TV show Ball Boys has once again been void of trading cards. This is the second sports collectibles reality show, the other being All-Star Dealers, to debut in the last few months and while both have their merits, it seems that the content collectors are really looking for is nowhere to be found. 

Maybe it's too much to expect that the daily happenings of a hip, financially profitable, well lit and organized sports card shop be given its own TV show. I just know in my heart of heart that the concept would work given the right shop, personalities, traffic, and clientele. Perhaps that is the problem right there. Maybe the formula for a successful reality TV show taking place in a neighborhood LCS just doesn't exist? It can't be true though, could it?


Pablo said...

I too would like a show or episode based on sports cards. Where would a show based on sports cards, comic books, non-sports cards, or other collectibles come from? Antiques Roadshow does antiques, as does Pawn Stars and American Pickers as well hard to find items like rare vehicles and historical items. And Hoarders shows the ugly side of collecting and hoarding (but mostly hoarding). Looks like trading cards are doomed to death. At least comic books have a future in print and on the internet with some help from comic book superhero movies. If one wanted to start such a show, it would require alot of financial assistance (producers). A show like that would help the trading card business (dealers and manufacturers) at least a little bit. I think a show based on trading cards and collectibles would really educate the public and get them interested in hobbies other than playing video games and with their smart(ass) phones.

GCA said...

When the All-Star Dealers guys went to the fellow's house that had the DiMaggio road jersey, I spotted several packed albums of cards on the shelf above all the hanging jerseys. Tried to imagine what someone with the budget that guy has for collectibles must have in those binders...

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