Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shame On You Upper Deck

Well now we know why they decided to not preview this ridiculous sticker dump of a product and instead decided to "let the product speak for itself." Which as it turns out was a polite way of saying, "This product sucks, we know it sucks, we aren't proud of it but we had to do SOMETHING with all these assets we had lying around."

If I was a distributor or dealer left holding the short end of the stick(ers) with this garbage I'd be inclined to boycott the company. I'd love to know what the terms were with this product to distributors. Was it forced upon them with other orders? Is there a return guarantee given there was no preview? (Hahahaha yeah right)

While this is a top contender for worst designed product ever, it probably loses out to Tristar Signa Cuts or some of the early products from Tri City Sports but honestly, Upper Deck should be held to a higher standard and that is why in my opinion 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball is the worst trading card product in the history of trading cards.

The secrecy surrounding the release of what they KNEW is a crappy product just proves that their time in the market has clearly come and gone because THIS junk, isn't the Upper Deck I grew to know and love. This is an abomination and a seedy underhanded ploy to drive revenue by any means necessary.

Anyone who spent money on this product deserves a refund and a public apology from Upper Deck.


Anonymous said...

You mean more shameful than counterfeiting Yugi oh cards, and ripping off ten year olds for their lunch money?

Hell I boycotted U.D years ago..


The Big Kahuna said...

Well said Mojo......well said! These cards should have never been produced to begin with. These cards are just plain crap.

Arno said...

"Dump" indeed.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Amen Brother !

Those of us who have waited for the quality to return have seen just about enough band-aid autographs to make a roll of duct tape.

Upper Deck sucks and I refuse to buy their products. I'm hoping other licensees get involved ... hint, hint Panini America.

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