Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sports Tickets—An Under-Appreciated Collectibles Category

There is not a more genuine or tangible connection between a fan and their team than a game ticket. A ticket captures a moment in time, forever preserving the memories one experienced at that particular game or event. That’s why so many people keep them as treasured souvenirs. However, having attended the game or event in person isn’t necessarily a precursor for tickets being part of an actual collection. On the contrary, tickets may be displayed in numerous ways to become instant conversation pieces, regardless of your attendance at the depicted event.

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Fuji said...

I'm a huge fan of collecting tickets. Most of the ones I have in my collection are from games I attended, so they're part of my personal history.

But I also have a couple of tickets from key moments in sports history too.

GCA said...

Just got two tickets to one of the last Nationals home games yesterday. Bought them online and was thinking I won't have a nice stub to save like before because I purchased them online and will carry the regular paper printout thru the line. Downside of modern technology...

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