Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Years Later the Truth Hurts- Ahhh! Sweet Justice

I wish T.S. O'Connell would crawl out from his rock of obscurity.

Longtime readers of this blog will remember an event that happened just over 4-years ago on the blog, Infield Dirt on the Sports Collectors Digest website. Talk about a publishing company that failed to see the writing on the wall regarding online media, the brain damaged suits running the show ran that company like the Internet was a fad. The people on the front lines, those writing the articles, were no better. The company is a shell of itself and completely irrelevant today.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here are some links to previous posts. It's a shame that the referenced articles are no longer available on the SCD website but in hindsight I'm sure the brass there simply couldn't have that degree of embarrassment lingering on the Internet.

This is the post I made when veteran journalist T.S. O'Connell turned off comments on his blog and made a post titled "Online Commentary System Deeply Flawed". 

A follow-up post led to LOTS of comments.

This WHOLE thing started as a result of his blind faith and desperate defense of Bill Mastro, "his longtime friend." Unhappy with the constructive arguments being made by some people (including myself) about the indictment, instead of allowing people to voice their opinion he turned off comments on his blog and then had the no class tact to basically say that anyone with a dissenting opinion other than his own is wrong.

I am thrilled that someone so disconnected with new media is no longer part of it. I just wish he'd have stuck around long enough to see the truth revealed about his "good friend" who turned out to be nothing but a greedy, thieving, scumbag.

Bill Mastro isn't someone that should have ever been revered, envied, trusted, or done business with. The judge has rejected his plea deal and will most likely face trial and hard time, which he deserves. When you put a black eye on The Hobby, you hurt everyone.

As for my nemesis of yesteryear, the truth hurts, too bad you were too much of a wussy to suck it up. People of your generation unwilling or incapable of engaging with readers and learning how to embrace social media have proved to be dinosaurs and have disappeared just as quickly.


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