Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Cards Against a Wall" Documentary Pays Tribute to Shoeless Joe Jackson

As most of you may know, one aspect of my personal collection is Shoeless Joe Jackson. I truly believe he was wronged by Major League Baseball and Commissioner Landis. When you take away a man's passion, what kind of life is that. Last night, on Cardboard Connection Radio, we had the honor of speaking with the curator of the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum. During the course of our conversation we learned about a documentary currently in production. Here is a short trailer:

Small time American museums that preserve our history are vital resources to the fabric of our country. The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum offers a unique collectible in exchange for an $11 donation. This very cool Shoeless Joe Jackson poker chip. I can't wait until mine gets here.


Anonymous said...

What is the song title played at the end of the documentary?
Who sang the song?

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