Saturday, August 31, 2013

The $500 Philadelphia Football Card Experiment- Part 2

Well I recently sold the Dick Butkus card for $24.95. Here is how the math worked out.

Price of card:        $24.95
S/H:                      $ 2.95
Total Gross:          $27.90
Final Value Fees: $ 2.80
PayPal Fee:         $ 1.11
Postage:              $ 1.69
Total Fees:           $ 5.60

NET Total:           $22.30

I reinvested $20.48 of the net on a special Blowout Cards had on a 4-pack of Tiger Woods Pro Shots. The price included shipping.

Looking online at recent eBay sales, these are going for $9.99 each + shipping.

I am going to list them with a BIN of $9.95 + $6.95 S/H. If all goes well, after fees I'll come within a couple dollars of doubling my money. 

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Brill had a BIG advantage in his quest as he was running a card store and really got awesome deals from people who really needed $$$ for gas, etc.

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