Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hobby Talk - Random Musings

Well, this might be the longest I have ever gone without posting but it's not for a lack of opinion or anything to say. As I have mentioned before, as the co-host of Cardboard Connection Radio, the show provides an outlet, twice per week, that allows me the platform to provide much of the commentary I used to provide here. But some things have been on my mind and I thought I'd digest and work through them here.

Upper Deck's Current PR Strategy
For the third time in about a year, Upper Deck has helped to create awareness about various social causes, by bringing attention to the personal situation of three individuals. The first, a Wounded Warrior, the second a young Nebraska Corn Husker fan dealing with cancer and most recently, Mandi Schwartz, brother of St. Louis Blues Jaden Schwartz, who died of cancer in 2011 and was a member of the Yale woman's hockey team.

Let me preface my initial reaction to this by saying, I DO NOT IN ANYWAY THINK UPPER DECK IS TRYING TO PROFIT FROM THE MISFORTUNE OF OTHERS. However, I question an obvious public relations strategy, whose, at least partial, purpose is to bring goodwill to the Upper Deck name by bringing attention to the misfortune of others, regardless of the positive benefit that may come about as a result.

I honestly don't know how I fully feel because a tremendous amount of good did come as a result of the actions taken by Upper Deck, in all three situations. Am I over-thinking this  What do you think?

Jesse Owens Olympic Gold Medal
$1.4M . . . Wow. I understand that Jesse Owens competed in a hostile environment in front of a fascist mass murder who built an entire political party on the concept of racial superiority and Jesse Owens exploded that misnomer for all the world to see. It did make me think though. Given that Hitler's real angst was with people of Jewish faith and descent I wonder if Owens had been Jewish, would the medal have sold for more, less or the same?

True Randomness

Black Diamond
Embedded diamonds on Black Diamond Hockey Cards? Long overdue. While they might have take a page from the Panini playbook with Flawless, the idea of the Quad Diamond Rookies having a 1/1 custom created via interactive online draft redemption, is very cool.

Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
I don't think I will EVER, understand this set. It's like three sets in one and confusing as heck. Some of the cards have traditional numbering (1,2,3, etc). Others, as we have come to know, are numbered BDP1, BDP2, etc. While still others are numbered TP-1, TP-2, TP-3, etc., for Top Prospect. Why?

Topps 75th
I like the idea of this product but I think they left an awful lot on the table. Here are somethings I would have liked to have seen.

  1. Larger Base Set - If you want to capture the essence of every non-sport release over the last 75 years, can really do it with just one card represented per set. I think for the most part, when you boil it down, that you can select five cards from an entertainment product to get a good sampling/representation of the subject matter, be it TV, movies, music etc.
  2. Larger Autograph Checklist - Most of the people on the checklist have signed for other products. Plenty of first-timers out there that could have given this a bit more weight.
  3. More Autographed Buy Back Cards - Love the idea of a Sylvester Stallone buy back autograph from Rambo. But what about Rocky? And why just ONE, single card. I understand the chase element but I think just one was a little cheap.

12 Days of Christmas - Sports Collector's Remix
Did you see my song parody on Cardboard Connection? No I don't sing. Check it out.


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