Basketball Cards


The Panini Prestige Basketball has a long checklist of players but does not offer enough frill. Most of the design elements of the game are focused on action. It offers plenty of options for card collectors to explore and collect as a hobby. Panini Prestige Basketball cards are available in retail stores, making it easy for collectors to find them.


The 2017-2018 Panini Prestige Basketball Base Set was the most popular of all card collections due to many reasons. It had a total of 200 cards that were made to the Prestige checklist. The first 150 cards in the collection are of veterans, while the rest of the 50 are of rookies. The rookie cards can be identified based on the types of photos on the cards. Similar to the 2016-2017 set, the new collection contains several elements that are exclusive to certain retail formats. One of the new features you will find in this collection is the Cracked Ice Technology, also known as the Crystal. The Crystal is only available in Hobby boxes. You will also find a pair of autographs in the Hobby boxes.

2017-2018 Panini Prestige Basketball Base

The new collection of Prestige offers a 200 card collection with 150 veterans and 50 rookies. All the players are grouped by teams in the 2017-2018 Panini Prestige Basketball checklist. The final 50 cards come one in a pack. There are also parallels in the collection – Horizon (Blaster), Rain (Fat), Mist (Hanger), and Hobby-only Crystal (#/199, #/10, and 1/1).

A pack contains a variety of inserts and some parallels. There is an All-Time Greats collection that has some of the NBA legends from history. The Hardcourt Heroes contain cards of team leaders. Stars of the NBA introduced the biggest names in NBA today. The Rookie Class introduced some of the new players with or without pictures on the card. Stat Stars collection contains players that have performed well with assists, rebounds, points, and more. Only the Crystal version is not numbered in the entire collection.

The autographs in Panini Prestige Basketball

Each Hobby box contains two autographs from the NBA legends. The card collections can find Bonus Shots Signatures, Prestigious Signatures, or Old School Signatures in the Hobby box that promises to reveal a Crystal parallel. The Bonus Shots Signatures offer the best checklist of all autograph inserts. The signatures on these cards are a mix of veterans and rookies. Fifty players have Prestigious Signature cards and are a mix of retired and current players. Old School Signatures contains only retired players’ collections.

Here is what you will get in a Panini Prestige Basketball card pack

  • Cards per pack – hobby – 6
  • Packs per box – hobby – 24
  • Boxes per case – hobby- 16
  • Set size- 200 cards
  • What is in a hobby box
  • Autographs – 2
  • Parallels or Inserts – 24