NSCC Plunder


In keeping with the spirit of bringing the National to those of you unable to attend, EVERYTHING I acquired Saturday at the show I’m giving away to the blogsphere and it’s readers.

The Details:

To be eligible to win you can do any of 3 things each worth 1-3 entries:

1) Follow me publically on this blog and email me at [email protected] telling me you have done so. (3 entries)

2) Post this contest on your blog, Twitter-feed, Facebook or My Space page and email me a screen shot or link to [email protected] . (2 entries)

3) Leave a comment here. (1 entry)

Contest will run from now until this Sunday night at 7pm CST.
Winners will be chosen by

The Prizes: (Pictures below)

1st Prize- Lisa Gleaves Kissed Auto
2nd Prize- Herman Franks Cut Auto
3rd Prize- Ball Dome
4th Prize- $10 off a Blowout cards and Magnetic snap-tight
5th Prize- Tri-Star Obak Promo Set
6th Prize- T206 PSA Poster
7th Prize- UD redemption cards, Obak mini promos, FCB prospect set
8th Prize- St. Louis Cardinals UD All-Star Poster
9th Prize- Freedom Cardboard Prospect Set

Last place, have junk removal naples come take all of your worthless cardboard instead of letting your mom throw it out on you 😛