Premier Hockey


Upper Deck offers a collection of high-end cards that get released every year. These cars are not cheap at all and are meant for collectors only. A pack of Upper Deck comes in a tin that can cost up to $200. These tins are loaded with hits that will be worth the money for the collectors.

Upper Deck

Every year, Upper Deck releases a collection of cards with unique sleeve numbers, shoulder logos, and commemorative logos taken from the game-worn jerseys. The cards are hand-numbered for up to 25.  The 2019-2020 collection has several Rookie Auto Patch Cards, including the Acetate Rookies Auto Patch Cards that feature a large patch and a signed autograph on Acetate stock. For the first time, Upper Deck has introduced a 50 Acetate Rookies Horizontal Variant card collection. Each card is numbered 99 and has a hard-signed autograph.


The premium card tin from Upper Deck comes at a fraction of the price of the CUP. There are rookie patch cards in the pack, along with large patch cards as the main draw. The autographs are made on-card, and they also decide the price you pay for the entire box. Despite its high prices, the product is a great deal for card collections. However, the experts still believe that Premier is not the best offering from Upper Deck. The only bright side of buying this collection is its jumbo patches. Without these patches, the collectors do not have much to do with these cards.

The RPAs contain a piece of the patch, quality foil, on-card autograph, and numbering similar to the Cup. According to the experts, the value on these cards does not reflect the quality of their design and appearance. It is not the most popular kid in the block as compared to the other two brands, but it can still be a good collection. The cards do look good, and they are not easy to afford, making them a worthy asset for the collectors.

Worth the money?

Considering the amount of the pack, the jersey cards at the end of the pack do not really make any difference for the collectors. The jersey cards are only there to provide a level of satisfaction to the rookies who are happy with some extra cards. For the experts, they are just the fillers to compensate for such high prices. Upper Deck may use it to boast about their hits per box, but the pros can easily figure out the value of jersey cards, which is zero in most cases.

jersey cards

The positives about these cards are that they look beautiful and well-designed. The on-card autographs are another factor to go for this collection. Some of the patches in Premier are truly worth a keep for the collectors. The only factor that does not justify buying these cards is their high costs. While the collectors would still buy them, it may not be exciting enough, considering they are not receiving enough for what they are paying.