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You Can Lead A Horse To Water . Another Brainwashed Book Value Geek

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Thanks to Gellman for pointing out a heck of fairly articulate debate on book value and the opportunity to chime in with my 2c over at Ninth Inning.

I wasn’t necessarily going to comment until the offending Book Value Geek took a swipe at my Junk Wax How To Video

No Jay that would be me assigning value to the over produced crap from the 80’s and 90’s by burning them. Pick any card from 87 to 92, find the “value” in your precious price guide and then find one place anywhere online where the real price is equal to the Beckett (Sucks) Value.

All to often collectors like yourself overvalue their collection based on the prices arbitrarily set by Beckett (Sucks). The only correlation that exists to put a monthly price on a card product is directly proportional to the amount of advertising that products manufacturer spent in said issue.

If you can’t see the obvious manufacturer collusion, conflict of interest in grading and auctions there is no point even arguing the point. You are going to believe what you want to believe because you have been spoon-fed the Beckett (Sucks) kool-aid for the majority of your collecting life.

Also the honorable Dr. James Beckett has been so far removed from this publication for years prior to his death that it doesn’t even make sense to reference him.

In all actuality your collection is only worth about 30-40% of what you think its worth and that is something you CAN NOT and WILL NOT accept because it would shatter the fragile sense of reality you have created for yourself by putting an arbitrary overvaluation on your collection.

Also it has only been recently that they have incorporated auction pricing into their supposed value equation. Typically and for several years after the creation of a peer to peer secondary market system called the Internet, Beckett (Sucks) relied on a couple of dozen pricing “contributors” from around the country. These contributors ,to a man, were all hobby shop owners and their card sales reflected the inherent mark-up associated with any retail venture, cards being no different.

So what is your card worth?

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